$3.00 USD


Submit your 300 words of prose (or less). You may submit up to 3 short pieces.

For our format (on one sheet of paper, designed to be read by someone strolling by) short pieces work best. It gives us more space to play with design, more rest for the eye, a more open invitation to passersby.

We know that a snippet of story or essay cannot convey the full complexity of your work. Although the published broadside will have at the most 300 words, we are more than happy to put the rest of your text online. If you choose to send a story in its entirety, please begin with the section that you think is appropriate to broadside.

Please include a bio in your email. The published Broadsided bio will be quite short, but we can put a longer note online.

We will do our best to respond within 8-9 weeks.